Roundabouts and other driving issues

In response to the question – does anyone really know how to correctly use a Roundabout? – Rose Conley was our lunchtime guest and shared her knowledge and wisdom with us during our meeting on the 5th October 2016.  Rose started work as an “office assistant” with the Sydney Water Board after gaining the Intermediate Certificate.  Met Eric there where he was a trainee engineer.  They married 1968 lived at Revesby until career changes saw Eric move to Armidale as City  Engineer in 1994.  Rose moved with Eric as they left the kids to their own devices in the family home.   It was a big change of lifestyle for Rose when she realised that she could become a driving instructor.  So she qualified and progressively gained her MR then HC licenses and Bus and Coach Authorities.  Armidale with three premier boarding high schools and a university offered a wide range of clients from Aussie teenagers through to older oversees visitors from many cultures.  

On moving to Moss Vale in 2006 Rose decided to cease full time driving instruction.  Rose and Eric were approached to become school bus drivers but Rose chose to commit to community service volunteer driving.  She let the activity grow to a three or four days per week commitment leading to her recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Bowral Mittagong.  Rose recommends that review our driving method frequently as it is very easy to slip into bad habits or have out situations change without being aware of it.  As we get older our seating position in the car usually changes as does the way we view the road.

“Rose chose two focuses for her presentation.  Her own admitted “hot issue” of observations and the tendency of many drivers to sit too low, to look down and only see what is immediately in front of the vehicle.  Her strong advice look up and take in the whole picture.  

1.  Observation is the most important thing!  Looking does not necessarily mean observing.
2. The steering wheel should be at chest height.
3. When looking at the road – keep your eyes up to create a broader field of vision.
4. Adjust your rear vision mirror from your driving position not by leaning forward (sounds simple but its a very common error)


There were a couple of glimpses into the more “interesting” episodes from Rose’s experiences.  The  Little Old Lady doing 60 in the main street of Armidale in her yellow Hillman.  Which still had a speedometer in miles per hour.  Then the one who turned right AT the highway roundabout.  There must be many more of those in Rose’s extensive collection of “war stories”.  The RMS have further information on the operation of roundabouts at