WSOP future in question the consequences COVID-19 in the poker industry

A famous professional poker player Daniel Negreanu told about the future of the WSOP series, which moved to the pandemic COVID-19.

 In the opinion of a professional poker player, the largest tournament series for the next several months will be on the quarantine conditions. At present it is known that the date of the 51th WSOP is scheduled on 26 May.

 But not only the World Series of Poker in question. We recently published a table of canceled and transferred poker tournaments.

 Negreanu, who is a resident of Las Vegas, where most of the WSOP was held, said that in the next 4-5 months, no poker events is not expected. The award-winning six bracelets world championship poker player expects to meet the game participants can only fall.

 However, he said that by the end of the quarantine can be expected surge in the popularity of offline poker, because the interest of participants who switched to the online environment on the quarantine, will only increase over time. It is noted that Daniel himself observes quarantine conditions and playing at the virtual tables.

 Recall, according to the latest data, the WSOP Circuit will take place in 2020, but without a guaranteed prize pool.

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