NYSF (National Youth Science Forum) Candidate James Walker

We had a visit from our NYSF Candidate James Walker and his family at the Lunchtime meeting of the 28th October 2016.  James talked enthusiastically about attending the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in January 2017 and how he felt privileged to be among 200 students chosen to attend.  James grew up at the Endurance Horse Stud in Belanglo and went through school at Tudor House, Moss Vale, and is currently enrolled on an academic scholarship at Cranbrook in Sydney.  James is very involved in community service through his high school and won this years Berrima Carp-A-Thon.  He comes from a family of vets and is looking forward to the the forum exposing him to new theoretical and practical applications of science and broadening his horizons.  We are looking forward to hearing from James when he returns in late January 2017.