2ST Urges Southern Highlanders to Get Together to Help Nepal


Nepal’s monsoon season starts on the 1st July. Imagine your family in the wind, the rain and the elements. Tens of thousands of survivors of the earthquake are at very high risk of hepatitis and one of the major priorities is the provision of shelter that will help them physically and psychologically to get through this world crisis. You can help out. Your donation to Rotary can be made through the BDCU Alliance Bank (where receipts for your donation will be issued) and through the Money Spinner (outside Coles, Bowral).

You can also make donations online at: http://www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au/

Each shelter box helps 10 people. A complete ShelterBox will provide a family with the shelter and other vital equipment they need to survive after a disaster and start rebuilding their lives. ShelterBox aid is customised to suit the particular needs of families affected by a disaster, making sure the needs of families who have lost everything are met in the most efficient way possible.

A typical ShelterBox


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